Rosa Parks-Bus Boycott


1. Who really was Rosa Parks--------------An African american who was born on 1913 in  febuary 4th and died in october 24 in 2004 and she believed in non-segregation.

2. How and where did the arrest happen------------------------------------- It happened on December 1,1955 when she was 42 on Cleveland avenue lane when she was coming home from work.

3. Why did she decide not to give up her seat------------------------------- She was tired of segregated places and segregation general.

4. The bus boycott was harsh because many blacks were killed and harmed in the bus boycott and they were arrested during the movement.


"If we have 60% people who will fight we will win the fight over segregation", From Martin Luther King Jr

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Rosa Parks was born on February 4,1913                  Rosa Parks was smart for not        Rosa Parks was arrested on December 1,1955        giving up her seat                           at the age of 42                                                            Rosa Parks was a teacher to        Rosa Parks was arrested on December 1,1955                                               many          on Cleveland avenue at the age of 42 coming home from work    The bus boycott made     How did this impact the civil rights movement                               the decision go faster                                                              

How did it affect the civil rights movements

I think it some what sped up the decision because it got a lot of people involved in the movement even though it took 13 months

It really made it an easier decision to stop segregation because the supreme court did not want people to get hurt even though many people got injured and even died.

Vocabulary: Harsh I choose harsh because during the bus boycott many mobs attacked and harmed that blacks during the movement and they arrested them and even in some cases they killed them

Sources used

The National Blacks Ostentation of the United States

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