Why do we have Hiccups?

by: Ben Banana

Hiccups usually comes from drinking, eating too much or too quickly.

How do I prevent hiccups?

When you chew, chew slowly and chew well because you don't want hiccups do you?

How do I get rid of hiccups?

Sadly you can't really get rid of hiccups but you can try to:

  1. Hold your breath.
  2. Drink water from the opposite side of the cup.
  3. Put a pinch of sugar under your tongue.
  4. Ask someone to scare you.
  5. Gargle with ice water.

The best thing is to drink water, and swallow it with your head either up or down.  Then just suck it up and wait until your hiccups pass!

I hope you enjoyed and now know how to get rid or prevent hiccups!       -The Banana Society

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3 years ago

u can also hold your breath count to ten take a swig of water and say pineapple

3 years ago

thats cool

3 years ago

@hcpsmccraycta ill try that ;D