AP Psychology

By: Marissa McMahand

Hey future AP psychology students! You are going to have a blast in this class! It is fun as well as extremely interesting! You will study the brain, memory, personality, sensation/perception, intelligence, social psychology, learning, thinking, motivation, eating and feeding disorders, emotion, psychological disorders, and therapies.

My favorite activity is taking the rorschach projective test and seeing what it reveals about my personality.

Psychology can help assess the mental state of everyday people. It can help the justice system by aiding experts in identifying the mindset and reasoning of people. If someone has a mental disability or a part of the brain is impaired in any way, psychology can explain their  condition which could help prove them as guilty or innocent. Also, psychology has taught me how to better study and store information into my long term memory. By studying a little each night as opposed to only the night before I have been able to improve my academics.

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