Music became very popular in this decade, along with films. Films began to go from New York to Hollywood. Also, Charlie Chaplin appears in The Little Tramp, which then leads him into becoming an iconic actor.

Painting also hit a new style with the idea of cubism.

This painting (Man on the Balcony, 1912) was painted by Albert Gleizes.


Fashion started to become looser and more free. Women began to wear things that were not corseted. While male designers were need to aide in the war, a young girl named Gabrielle Chanel began making classic jerseys and pleated skirts, that while somewhat expensive, were a big hit.

Big Events

In 1912, the Oreo cookie was introduced.

In 1912, the tragic event of the Titanic sinking occurs. In 1914, World War 1 begins. The first transcendental phone call was made. And in 1919, The Treaty of Versaillies ends the war.


This is where ragtime slowly began to fade, and in the late 1910s, jazz became the next music fad.

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