South Korea

                                      By: Clisa Stewart, Kimberly Ortiz, Faith Robison

      Want to travel? South Korea is the best place to go! Go and see all the famous places and even see the price of going. First before you pack your bags, lets get to know some more about South Korea.

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      The climate of South Korea is temperate, with rainfall heavier in summer than winter and cold winters.

Economic Development and Growth

      Their economic development is focused on an import substitution policy with considerable investment in education.  Their GPD growth is 2.1%. Seoul: 4.4% (2007)> 1.2% (2009) Reduced Proportion of GRDP: 26.3% (2007)   23.6% (2009)

Population control / Population Issues

The total population in South Korea is 5.22 million people in 2013. The TFR in South Korea dropped from 4.5 children per woman in 1970 to 1.74 in 1984 to 1.08 in 2005. South Korea has the lowest fertility rate among 30 OECD (most developed) nations. Their population is declining rapidly and aging fast. Seoul:9.82 million    Basun:3.524 million    Heading Yong Gungsa: 4 million     South Korea: 50.22 million

History of the Country

South Korea came into being after World War II, the result of a 1945 agreement reached by the Allies at the Potsdam Conference, making the 38th parallel the boundary between a northern zone of the Korean peninsula to be occupied by the USSR and southern zone to be controlled by U.S. forces. Elections went on in the U.S. zone in 1948 for a national assembly, which adopted a republican constitution and elected Syngman Rhee as the president. The new republic was proclaimed on Aug. 15 and was recognized as the legal government of Korea by the UN on Dec. 12, 1948.

Religions and Religious Conflicts

Christianity,Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam are the religions of South Korea. They have had a few conflict with religion, one includes their President. conflict arose when their new president in 2011 was christian.

Current Social Issues

China is South Korea's number one trade partner and the most important destination for South Korean foreign investment. Economic interdependence among the countries of Northeast Asia is increasing. They are not yet caught up with the advanced economies while being chased closely by the rising ones (especially China).

Cost To Go!!!!!

Plane tickets: $1,025

Hotel: about $120

Best Places to Visit!

Sea life Busein Aquarium: Family-Friendly exhibits featuring more than 5,000 sea creatures, plus a play area and group packages.

63 Building: it is officially the Hhanhwa 63 City, is a skyscraper on Yeouido island, overlooking the Han River in Seoul, south Korea. It was designed by the American architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.

Haedong Youggungsa: This is a Buddhist Templen in Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea. This would be a great place to visit for the sites!

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