Fur Trade - What is Your Point of View?

Minds On No. 2 - Turning Your Voice

Take the role of a person, thing or object. How would she or he describe things?

A deer in the forest:

  • A. Describe it from the point of view of a hunter
  • B. Describe it from the point of view of an animal rights activist

Working on it - Four Corners

The issue to consider for this activity is this statement:

It is ALWAYS wrong to kill an animal for its fur.  The Fur Trade is EVIL.

At each corner of the room, there is a position sign:

  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree

Think carefully about your position and choose a corner. During the course of this activity, you may change your corner once if you wish. Once you have taken a corner, the group of people there work on the following activity:


With your group, review various media texts that you are able to find online, including:

  • images
  • web sites
  • advertisements
  • YouTube videos
  • TV show / movies

As you are reviewing various media texts with your group, start to choose one or two that most perfectly characterize your group's position (strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree) regarding the statement above.


Each group will pick a person to share their position and the media text(s) that their group chose. Please ensure that your media text(s) takes no longer than 2 minutes to share.

Consolidation / Reflection

Reflection questions:

    Has an alternate point of view caused you to think any differently about your own?
  • How does point of view affect opinions, values, social norms, culture and education?
  • What is the connection between point of view and the type of media chosen to communicate a message?
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