Rutledge, GA
Small but Special

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Rutledge is located in Morgan County, Georgia. It is located 50 miles southeast of Atlanta and 29 miles southwest of Athens. The latitude and longitude of the restaurant in the first picture of downtown Rutledge is N 33° 37' 38.2501" W 83° 36' 45.4244"


Rutledge has many physical characteristics that make it beautiful. One of my favorite places is Hard Labor Creek State Park. This park has a creek that runs through it that is a good place to escape for a little while. A majority of the land in Rutledge is used for farming which means that the soil is good ,and there is plenty of sunshine and rain. The people of Rutledge are mostly "good ole' country folks", but like any other town there is diversity. There are also an abundance of churches that are full on Sunday because like in any other part of the south religion of any denomination is important.

Human Environment Interactions

The 783 people in Rutledge have altered things to make a living. There has been land cleared for farming and houses and neighborhoods. There has also been stores added for the demands of the people. As metro Atlanta gets bigger so does Rutledge. It will always be a farming community, but there will be a slow constant growth because of the pressure from the bigger cities. It is important to the people of Rutledge to make sure that the small town life is always remembered and honored. There are festivals that celebrate small town life throughout the year. People in Rutledge use the land and its resources to their advantage and many of the residents live off the land.  Movie and Film makers find Rutledge a good place to film movies and they have used the small old fashioned town to their advantage. There have been many movies filmed in different parts of the town.

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The city of Rutledge does rely of many imports, but many of the stores buy and sell local produce and products. Rutledge is one of those cities where most of the town is related and the families never leave. The movement of people in and out of Rutledge isn't as much as the bigger cities. Movement of ideas and news in this city movie like a wildfire because of its small size so everyone always knows your business. The ideas and news usually travel faster by word of mouth than they do on the internet.


Rutledge is part of the bible belt region and it is also part of the southern United States. There are also regions within Rutledge including the farming region and the residential region.

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3 years ago

Love the Andy Griffith theme song in the video! I just visited Hard Labor Creek a few weeks ago, and it really is a hidden gem!