Beyonce Carter-Knowles

Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class made by Chandler

born September 4th 1981 in Houston Texas,

Events In History:

Singing by age 8

Member of all girls sining group.

Beyoncé child hood,

Beyonce first discovered her love for performing when she was cast in a school play in elementary school at the young age of 8. She also took dance lession. early on she enjoyed performing at her church She went to Parker Elementary School, where she was a very shy child but not at all when it came to singing.

Some people who affect beyonces life were:

Some people who affect beyonces life were:

Beyonces dad:Matthew knowles who managed beyonces and her sisters music career.

Beyoncés mom-Tina knowles who worked as Beyoncé stylist.

Beyoncé was also greatly supported by her friends.

Unique facts:

beyonces favorite movie is "a star is born" her favorite tv show is jersey shore.

in 2010 beyonce and jayz won a guinness world record by being the highest earning couple.

Beyonce daughter carter blue was the youngest person to land on bilboards


6 american music awards.

8 billboard music awards

20 grammy awards

Theme of beyonces life

The theme of beyonces life is that we should never give up on what we want. Also, if we really try we can achive anything.

What beyonce taught me:

Beyonces life taught me many thing like that if you try you will achive, i also learend that not everything comes easy there ar some things in life that you need to work for, after reading this biography beyonce has grown to be my idol.

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