Dr J S Rajkumar- Banded Bypass Combined Surgery

My name is nisha malhotra, I belong to punjab. After completing my btech from Punjab, I got placed in a Chennai based mnc. Therefore I got shifted to Chennai. as I live in a pg ,I have to consume food from a local restaurant daily. As a result I m obesed, now I weigh 90 kgs. In addition, I have a genetic problem of hormonal imbalance and weak metabolism. I have a hectic schedule to follow daily. I get up at 8 and have my breakfast comprises of two paranthas, I take three chappatis and dal or sabzi for both lunch and dinner. I have a fetish of sweets too. Due to my over eating habit and lack of time, I m unable to cope with either walk or exercise on regular basis. I also tried the expensive and readymade food supplements but their results are futile too. I have heard about Dr J S Rajkumar treatment of obesity by surgeries in Chennai. Dr J S Rajkumar conducted several test which indicate that the surgery is mandatory is my case. Dr J S Rajkumar told us that he will conduct banded bypass surgery which help help the stomach to be in its normal size. He will Laparascopically places an adjustable silicone band around the upper part of the stomach. When the silicon band squeezes the stomach becomes a pouch. After banding the stomach can hold very little food. Dr J S Rajkumar further told us that the key aspect of this surgery is that a plastic tube runs from the silicone band to a device under the skin. Sterile salt water can be removed or injected through this to the silicone band. When saline water fills the band it becomes tighter. With this method the band can be loosened or tightened whenever needed to improve weight loss with least side effects. Dr J S Rajkumar conducted the surgery and my stomach is back to normal size. I am really thankful to Dr J S Rajkumar for his treatment.