Augusto Pinochet
by Braden Bussing

1) About Augusto

Augusto attended the military academy in Santiago, and afterwards took the role of career military officer. He rose through the ranks and became army commander in chief and went off to lead a coup that would overthrow president Salvador Allende . Augusto wanted to exterminate the socialist government. He was entirely against leftism and would carry out his opinions by killing those who wanted a socialist government. In his time of power, he killed 3,200 and tortured 28,000 people. Augusto Did not take kindly to socialists and did not thing twice about making them suffer. While the economy did improve during his rule, the cost was overpoweringly great.

2) Augusto Visual

    In this political cartoon, Pinochet is drawn wearing an apron covered in blood. The apron symbolizes the blood of his people and how he treated them during his presidency. Augusto killed and tortured tens of thousands of people in order to rule out socialism. The cartoonist also drew Pinochet with a huge head, giving the idea of Pinochet being full of himself.

3) Creative Piece

A poem:

Oh president of Chile, the one who turned all killy. You hated leftists, loved to torture, you were just a bad guy, really.

You started out smart, but grew hate in your heart, and killed all of the socialists.

Allende gave you power, you killed more and more by the hour, and everyone hates you because of it.

4) Essential Question

How was Pinochet's reign of terror similar to those of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao?