China Dynasties
                    Sui, Tang, Song Dynasties
(589-618)           (618-907)            (960-1279)

Sui Dynasty- The Period of Disunion ended after 350 years when Wendi also know as Yang Jian reunifed China. He founded the Sui Dynasty and was the first emperor of it. Emperor Wendi built a centralized government. A centralized government is where all the power is in one persons hands, the leader/emperor. He brought back a bureaucracy and a legal code. Their biggest accomplishment was the Grand Canal. The Grand Canal was an 1000 mile-long waterway that connected northern and southern China. This allowed resources to get to their destination easier and a  boosted economy. The Sui dynasty came to an end because of emperor Yang Di, Jian's son. He had millions of peasants work on the canal, thousands of workers died, and failed military campaigns. He was later assassinated and the dynasty was over in 618.

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Tang Dynasty- The Tang Dynasty lasted from (618-907). The ruler was Taizong. They had 2 capitals; Chang'an and Luoyang. Just like the Sui dynasty they had a centralized government and a reformed bureaucracy. The government made an exam or test that you had to pass for whoever wanted to work in the government. A big accomplishment was that Taizong had schools built to prepare students for the civil service exams. His wife later replaced him as empress after he died. But the dynasty reached its height under Xuanzong. China is known as the Age of Buddhism because many rulers were buddhist and temples were built across China. The Tang dynasty fell because the government and military was weak. Also because they rose taxes it created problems and shut the dynasty down.


Song Dynasty-  The Song dynasty lasted from (960-1279). We do not know who the leader or leaders were. The capital was Kaifeng. Like the other Chinese dynasties, the Song had a centralized government. They had exams to test students on Confucianism. If you passed the test to get into the government you would gain more wealth and status. The Tang had some of China's best poets, Du Fu and Li Bo.Wu Daozi was a painter that people thought had magical powers because his works were so realistic. They also made porcelain and woodblock printing. Porcelain was a type of ceramic and woodblock printing was where you carved text into it and then coated it with ink. You could print with it now. China's society made big changes during this dynasty. The class or gentry's or scholar officials and landowners who had power.  Footbinding was were you would wrap cloth around your feet to prevent them from growing. Only girls did this. This was a symbol of a husbands authority over his wife.


A woman's feet after footbinding.