Internet Hoax: Jockey Accidentally Euthanized

      On May 04, 2014, Empire Sports originated a story about a jockey that was accidentally euthanized after breaking leg at Kentucky Derby 140. The report is intended to be satirical and comes via the satirical/humor website Empire Sports. None of the stories published on the site should be taken seriously. Since the inception and widespread of Social Media, there has been a cultural shift that people oftentimes believe posted or shared stories online. Therefore the snippet being posted on Social Media linking to a webpage inherently made the story “real”.

       Actual news sources confirm there was a three-horse collision during the third race of the 2014 Kentucky Derby on May 3, but though two of the jockeys were hurt and taken to a nearby hospital to be examined, the third, James Graham, was uninjured. No humans were euthanized after the incident, accidentally or otherwise. The article circulated throughout social media back then and even more recently to show that if something is posted a few times it suddenly “becomes fact”.

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