Julie Andrews

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class

"Julie" Elizabeth Andrews, Born on: Oct 01, 1935 (age 79)

Significant Events in History that Affected Julie Andrews life!!

  • - she lived threw world war 1
  • -the great depression
  • -world war 2

Julie Andrews singing at 12 years old.

Julies childhood  

as a child she was always moving a lot. she would live with her grandmother and grandfather or her aunt Kathy, but she noticed where ever she were to go music would never change. so music was a big part of her life she would always be singing with her great granny and playing piano with her father. she spent a lot of time with her grandmother she was even named after her. Julie Andrews mother was a performer in theater, which is where she fell in love with being on the stage.


people who influenced Julie.

  • - her grandmother Julia (great granny) was the biggest supporter of Julies career at singing and performing.
  • - her father and mother helped teach her how to perform and sing
  • -Carol Burnett is one of he best friends and when Julie Andrews wanted to just give up she keep her on her feet.  
  • -her daughter Emma Walton was a big help to keep her going in her older years
  • -her husband was a big influence in Julie's life, because when she felt her worst he helped her get back on her feet.

unique facts

  • - she was pregnant when Walt Disney wanted her to play Mary Poppins. because she was pregnant she could not do the film, so Walt paused the making till her daughter Emma Walton was born.
  • - Julie Andrews played one of the sister in the sound of music the play before she ever knew she was going to play Marie
  • -she performed with Carol Burnett for a very long time performing silly shows to enlighten others
  • she got married at 21
  • she had her daughter Emma at 23
  • she was originally wanting to be a professional pianist
  • dick van dike and Julie Andrews once were asked to kiss during the Mary Poppins film but she felt uncomfortable so Walt Disney cut it out of the film.

mary Poppins and The Sound Of Music


  • -wrote several children books
  • - Emma Walton and Julie Andrews published five of Emma's children's books
  • -is an English film  and stage actress
  • - singer, director, stage manager, author and dancer.
  • -appeared in West End in 1948
  • - hosted the Tony's  awards
  • - won an Oscar
  • she got married at 21
  • Carol Burnett and her had many shows casted
  • stayed best friends and really close with Carol Burnett to this day!!

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                                                           -Taylor C.

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