Animal Farm Propaganda Project

We comrades need to stick together and work to finish working on the windmill. Before I retire I want to see the windmill  finished. Comrades, if we have hope and faith we can finish it. After I die I want you to adapt my motto's. You can remember me through them. This kind of propaganda my comrades, is called Transfer. Also I have worked very hard on this farm and leave happy to know I didn't everything  to help the farm. I want you to feel the say way when you retire. This other kind of propaganda called Testimonial my comrades.Trust me and follow my motto's comrades. This will give you the strength you will need to keep going and be successful in the future of Animal Farm.     

Joe, Bilt. "Animal Farm Propaganda." Animal FArm. Bilt Joe, 23 Dec. 2013. Web. 8 May 2015.

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