Eric Johnson

Husband. Father. Campus Ministry Director. M.Div DL Student.
Trying to be awesome.

I'm like the Brother You Never wanted

Born, raised, and currently live in Toledo, OH, I was seized by the power of the Great Affection at the age of 18. Feeling an immediate call to ministry, I spent my collegiate years pursuing a degree in Communications from Bowling Green State University, which qualified me for two career: preaching and working for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Washing cars in a business suit and renting cars to drug dealers does instill a sense of humility.

After spending the next 8 years at jobs at Enterprise, in sales, and in banking, the door open for me to go into full-time ministry. I serve as the Director of College Ministry for Threshold Church in Toledo, OH. Threshold is an ELCA church plant and the campus ministry reaching the University of Toledo.

Along the way, I created a profile on Two years later, I married the love of my life, Laura. Yes, it really does work. We have a 9 month old daughter named Emma. She is the beautiful little girl ever born. If you disagree, I will fight you. Come at me, bro.

In my spare time (HAHAHAHAHA...sorry. I made a funny), I enjoy golfing, biking, and watching old episodes of FRIENDS with my wife. She is Monica. I am Chandler (you know, awkwardly making jokes when you don't know what to say, especially on a website you have never heard of before, and knowing that, ultimately, you really aren't that funny).

I also read a lot of books on missiology, the future of the church, and leadership. I have joined and left the ELCA Clergy Facebook page on two separate occasions. Ever read Lord of the Flies? Yea, that's kind of been my experience. I have lots of opinions. I probably share them too much. My candidacy committee likes to tell me that. They have also told me I talk too loud. Guilty on both accounts.

Looking forward to learning how congregations can more effectively use technology, beyond actually having a website.

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