Geek Chique : Classy Nerd Decor

There is a rare and coveted breed of person that possesses both impassioned geekery and very fine taste. While this existence is, for the most part, flawless, its members often face a conundrum when decorating their sacred abodes: How does one balance nerd culture and a classy home?

The answer: Geek Chique Décor.

1. Star Wars Original Trilogy Poster Collection

To your friends who aren't familiar with Star Wars, these are just beautiful mid-century style illustrations. Let's be real though, you don't have any friends who haven't seen Star Wars. You'd have to kill them.

2. Pop Art Star Wars Trilogy Prints

Andy Warhol once said, "An artist is someone who produces things people don't need to have." But you don't need to be Jedi mind-tricked into buying these.

3. Star Trek Beer Growler Set

Sometimes the fact that Kirk, Spock, interstellar travel, and alien comm devices don't exist is too much for any nerd to handle. Beer helps. Beer in awesome Star Trek Growler Set helps even more.

4. Star Trek Coasters

While all fantasies must come to an end, your coffee table's finish doesn't have to. Live long and prosper. Also take care of your furniture.

5. Doctor's Name Wall Decal

Show off your ability to read and write circular Gallifreyan by displaying the Doctor's name in your home. Added bonus: it looks gorgeous even to your uneducated non-Gallifreyan reading friends. Not that you have any of those.

6. TARDIS Serving Tray

For the less hardcore Whovian (or, alternatively, the pre-Moffat purists). Be warned having a TARDIS of any sort around can be a bitter reminder that the Doctor has not yet come and asked you to be his companion. Best to keep it stocked with candies to fend off depression.

7. Harry Potter Triptych Wall Art

On the subject of lamenting, I have to break it to you. The Hogwarts acceptance letter isn't coming. This artist was so upset, they painted right over the book pages.

8. Polyjuice Potion Flask

You can always keep a little magic around by carrying it in this flask. Besides, alcohol and polyjuice potion are basically the same thing: they both alter how others perceive you, and the hangover's awful.

9. Westeros Map Print

While you can't actually order the original wood burn map (how did you expect that to arrive? By dragon?), you can use this huge print to plot how you will win the Iron Throne.

10. Lord of the Rings Poster Set

One ring to rule them all. But three posters. Three's way more aesthetically pleasing.

11. Hobbit Poster

How do you make LOTR cooler? You make it paper cut and/or pop art. Obviously. What could be more Geek Chique than Tolkein AND great line?