Navigating Early Project

by Noah I.

In the book 'Navigating Early', the main character, Jack, changed throughout the story from a lost and disoriented boy to a confident and more secure man. The events in the book led him to the man he is now.


In the exposition, Jack came to Morton Hill Academy and was introduced to Early Auden. At that time Jack was an in-confident boy who had no mother and his father left him. In the text it states, "...So we had an awkward goodbye that involved a salute and a handshake as he told me to take care of myself. I winced. He'd told me to take care of my mom when he left four years earlier. Was he giving me a reminder that I failed?"(Vanderpool 9). This shows me that Jack thought he failed the task given to him and that he was useless, so Jack was being in-confident.

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This video shows me that Jack lost things that other kids have, and this affected Jack's character and actions.

Rising Action/Conflict

In this part of 'Navigating Early' Jack now knows who Early is, he knows that Fisher is his brother, and Early reads the number Pi as a story. Jack and Early embark on their journey to find Fisher. In this part of the book, the little knowledge Jack received from Early will help him, Jack also learns to trust Early and his unpredictable mind. The author wrote, "I had chosen to follow that red tartan jacket on this quest... I turned upstream and headed in the direction of the waterfall."(Vanderpool 231). This tells me Jack was willing to follow Early blindly.

This picture describes Jack and Early's case. Jack was willing to follow Early and they did not know what they were going to do next.


The climax of the story is where Jack and Early encounter the Appalachian Bear, this bear tries to save them from Mascott. Jack went through a lot on the journey up to now and is tougher than he was, now, Jack and Early has an unbreakable friendship due to their journey. The article exclaims, "...I fell down... In a flash Early was at my side. 'Jackie, are you okay?...' He must have slid down the hill as fast as I had fallen down it..."(Vanderpool 248, 249). This shows me Early would never leave Jack's side, also, Jack has perseverance, throughout the whole journey, he could have turned around and went back, but he didn't.

Falling Action/Resolution

Jack and Early found Fisher, but he wouldn't come back with them, so Jack and Early come back to Morton Hill Academy alone. Jack is a new man compared to the beginning of the story, he is now a more collected man, and he has a new friend that always has his back. The book says, "Of course, there was no way to know if we would find Fisher, but we figured, the best place to start was at the logging camp. And there he was... A few days later, dad drove us-Early and me-to Boston for the culmination of the Fall Math Institute."(Vanderpool 280, 283). This tells me that Jack would do anything for Early, go back to find Fisher, and drive to Boston to see Early prove professor Stanton's theory wrong.


This is how Jack changed throughout the book, 'Navigating Early' through his Friendship with Early Auden.

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