Welcome to Indiana

This is a map of Indiana.

Welcome everybody!!! In this Fabulously amazing webpage you will learn all about "The Hoosier State" [A.K.A. Indiana] [Hint, hint new fact for you.] Learn about weather, historical landmarks, physical features, popular attractions, and restaurants/food. Feel free to play around with more information on other websites and go visit some of the places here, [I would suggest the restaurant.] So explore and enjoy!!! Toodaloo!!!

Travel Information

It will take an average of 8 hours and 35 minutes to travel by car.

It is 534 miles from Atlanta to the capital,Indianapolis.


The average temperature in April ranges from 49 to 78 degrees F.

In April it would be wise to wear short or quarter sleeves jeans or capris and a light jacket or sweater.

Historical Landmarks

                                                               Abraham Lincoln boyhood home

This is the house Abraham Lincoln lived in right after his mother Nancy died.

Location: Lincoln city

Abraham Lincoln grew up here from 1816 until 1830. This site also features the grave site of  Nancy Hanks Lincoln.

Physical Features

                                                        Bass Lake State Beach

This is Bass Lake State Beach which is a very popular vacation getaway.

Location:Jefferson county

Clear water, short grasses,and  bright sandy beaches this place is one of the most beautiful places in Indiana. If you come here be sure to bring a picnic basket you will be here all day.

Popular Attractions

                                                    Circus Hall of Fame and Museum

This is a picture of The Circus Hall of Fame and Museum in Peru Indiana.

Location:Peru, Indiana  

This museum is decorated with tons of animals and exhibits families of all ages will absolutely love it!  It is open from May 1 until August 31 only on weekdays so this is the perfect place to go and spend  summer vacation at.

Restaurants and Food

                                                          Indigo Duck

This is the very popular Indigo Duck on 39 E. court st. in Franklin Indiana.

A delicious hybrid of southern cooking and french technique. Menu includes fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, and ceaser salad. While the Sunday brunch raises the bar for bed headed elegance.

Fun Facts

Indiana state flower: Peony

This is the Indiana state flower the Peony.

The Indiana state bird:cardinal

Indiana state tree:tulip tree

This is the Indiana state tree

Now go explore and enjoy the hoosier state.

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