BE SAFE!!!!!!

Hello world, your probably not here to hear me talk, so lets get to the TOP TEN INTERNET SAFETY RULE'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NUMBER 10!!! : Know the dangers to sites you use a lot.

NOMNOMBER 9!!!!! :Don’t put out basic personal info. Like name, address, age, or picture’s.

CRAZY 8!!!!! : Never give out passwords even if it’s just to a friend!

WEIRD 7!!! : NEVER, and I mean NEVER, Meet up with someone you meant online.

PURPLE 6!!!! : DON’T be rude to people

CARROT 5!!!!! : ALWAYS remember that everyone online isn't who they say who they are.

ORANGE 4!!!!! : Learn about cyber bulling.

EEEEEEVVVIIIIIIIILLLLLLLL 3 : If something bothers you tell an adult.

BANANAS 2: Don’t steal things from the internet, and pass them off as your own.

CHAMPION 1 : Learn how to quickly get off a website in case it has bad things.

And finally, The help i had! These are the websites that i got my rules from. Don't bother looking though, I made the, into my own word's.

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