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The New
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A Brief Explanation For The Changes

Edline (which you may know from their product BlackBoard) purchased SchoolWorld a few years back. They are pushing districts to their own flagship product Edline which is really easy to use and looks great. The old SchoolWorld pages will be available until January 1, 2015. If you would like to begin working on a new site, please let your building Tech Liaison or Webmaster know that you would like a login or contact

We will be offering short classes on the new website but the online tutorials are awesome.  If you would like your login access code before the classes start to try to figure it out on your own, please email your tech liaison.


The engineers at eBackpack hear our cries.  The Elizabeth Forward SD has their attention.  We are their biggest customer....really.  They want to know how they can help us.  So, we delivered these two requests.  1) no more data loss  2) bring back the "off-line access".  They are working on the "off-line access" for the next update and have hopefully fixed most of the data loss in this new release.

Please note:  eBackpack has requested that, when sending in a support ticket we include....

1) the student's name & the class assignment they were working on

2) a brief description of the problem

3) the approximate time the problem occurred (at least the day it occurred)


The eSpark people and our own tech department are working very hard to resolve every iPad/eSpark issue.  The most common problems have usually been linked to Apple ID issues.  Students must be logged in with the Apple ID that was registered with eSpark.  If parents change that Apple ID, the eSpark program will not work properly.  However, please continue sending in tickets to either our center or eSpark. 


iOS UPDATE      8.0.2

It is okay to do the iOS update on iPads.

But please read below
before updating!

The update can only be done while in school.  The students are blocked from updating at home.  But, having a full class of students do the update at one time can cause major issues.  So, the tech department has requested these guidelines be followed.

Allow students who are having issues to update to IOS 8.0.2 - Please do not update entire classes at a time or we have found that problems can occur with the downloads.  The IOS update is sitting on our caching servers and we do not want them to get too overloaded.  If you do a couple at a time, it should run quickly and cleanly.

  Most importantly...
please have the iPad plugged in while updating.  And if that is not possible, only do the update if the battery is almost fully charged.  



No more SNOW DAYS!

Got your attention, huh?

The state is offering Flexible Instructional Days (FID)

In a nutshell, Flexible Instructional Days will be used in place of emergency days.  The students will be provided lessons, by us, while at home on a day like a snow day.  A lot of planning has to happen quickly in order to get our FIDs approved by the state.  So, in the coming weeks, you may be contacted by your building administrator to be a part of the planning crew for your grade level (at the elementary), team or cohort (at the middle school), or class (at the high school).  Start thinking about 5 days of lessons that you could use at any time during the year!


New Online Planning Tool

Click the owl to try it.

We were introduced to a new student online planner tool.  It's free.....sends push notifications to you and the students.....and is able to be edited by the students and you.  Give it a try if you'd like.  No obligation.  We just thought it was a cool tool and wanted to share it with all of you.  Let us know what you think.


Student Tech Help

In order to reduce teacher stress caused by solving simple-click iPad issues, we are developing an initiative that will use Elizabeth Forward Students as on-site, front-line tech help for fellow students.  This will look different at each level and building.

We are also going to start using a new support email for students to use when they need tech assistance.  They can email:

In the meantime, Lisa George, third grade teacher at William Penn, has implemented the "iPad Infirmary".  She has a bin in her room where students put their iPads when there is an issue that they cannot solve for themselves.  They complete a short form which includes information like their name, brief description of the problem, and the passcode if there is one.  She then get's to the iPads as soon as she can.  

Great idea, Lisa!  Thanks for sharing!!

Miscellaneous News

iPad repairs can take up to 4 - 6 weeks.  It is important that this information is clear to all....teachers....students....and parents.  The process starts at the building level where the Damage Report is completed.  The iPad then goes through interoffice to the business office for insurance analysis, when they have time to look at it. It then comes to the Tech office to evaluate the problem and to create a ticket in a third party repair system. It is then packaged up and given to the business office to send out via UPS to the repair center. The repair center sends the device back to the Tech Office, if it is repaired it is reconfigured and sent to the building. If the device was not repaired, a new device will be configured and sent to the building. The business office will send a bill to the parent for the amount of damages ONLY if the device was determined to be a result of neglect.  Whew!


To no avail, we looked for a program that would allow you to watch what your students are doing on their iPad while in your room....kind of like Remote Desktop.  We'll keep looking and if you find something please share it with your tech liaison.  The real issue is Apple's stance on protecting proprietary information for it's users.


Jeff Stolkovich supports technology at the High School and Wm Penn Elementary.  He is currently scheduled to be at Wm Penn on Mon., Wed., & Fri. from 1pm-3pm and all other times at the High School.  He also works from the ticketing system and may adjust his building schedule based on ticket load.  

Rachelle Pletcher supports technology at the Middle School, Central Elementary, Greenock Elementary & Mt. Vernon Elementary.  Her schedule is built from the ticketing system.


Pages is available for your iPad.  Just email support if you need a copy.


We are looking in to getting additional access points where needed.  When a student is having difficulty getting on the network, it's not because of bandwidth.  Our bandwidth is HUGE.  Probably, the problem is the fact that there are too many users on one access point...that's like an "airport".


We will not be getting Air Printers this year.  Sorry!  


We are looking for a password management tool that we will use district wide.

We're Changing The World One Tech Issue At A Time.

Our next meeting is currently planned for November 20th.  Please be sure to contact your tech liaison with needs and concerns.....and dance a lot!