Sami LeCloux October PE project
#2,6,10,12,descriptions and video link

Video link:

Video link shows everything combined together.

#2: I had a very fun time doing disc gold with my dad when I was little I got to do that with him. It was a wonderful day weather was nice barely any people and no wind. I did extremely well and my dad did way better than me. I think everybody that enjoys disc gold would love going to that disc golf park. It is perfect and there are maps to to show where your going.

#6: I visted a park with my dad. At the park you can do many things they had a play ground so you can go down the slide, swing on the swings and do monkey bars. They also had a soccer field so you could play soccer with some friends. Of you could enjoy a football game outside.

#10:I showed how to punt a football. You hold the ball over your feet, you step with your right/left the opposite one you write with. Next you drop the ball and at half way you kick it and that is a punt in football.

#12: I demostrated how to throw a disc for disc golf. You step with your opposite foot throw with your good hand and let go and see where it lands.

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