St. Andrew's Church
Mt. Pleasant ~  Park Circle ~ Goose Creek

9/20/2015 - 6/19/2016
(Main Campus)

Hey all: Greg has some great ideas about taking this into a realistic photography-based concept instead of an illustrator concept. He's going to run with it and provide something for this weekend for you. He's got loads more skills.. Gonna be good!  ...Patti.


In Steve's Vision Sunday sermon (9/13/2015), he issued the call for the people of St. Andrew's to "walk faithfully with God." He also stated that given the number of new people, this year we would "go back to basics."

Facilitating this call is the Sunday sermon series 'Genesis: Beginnings and Blessings' (September 2015 - June 2016) and the Wednesday Worship WEDTalks 'Naturally Supernatural' (September 2015 - December 2016).

We have begun a slow release of the Wednesday night series graphics via FaceBook and Wednesday night services. [View the Wednesday Worship campaign here.] The Wednesday Worship design is a simple triangle on various backgrounds. The style is minimal, balanced, and allows for photographic imagery as a backdrop to the Trinity symbol.

Steve's use of the phrases 'back to basics' and 'beginnings' suggests to me the continued use of basic structures and minimalistic design for the Genesis study as well. I suggest the following: a clean, modern look, basically a modified flat design, incorporating symbolic elements as we journey through the Genesis readings.

An aside: City Church is conducting a modified 29-week Genesis study which began on September 6 and will end by Easter. We have implemented Todd's vision of a game board (Candyland style) to track through the series. [View the City Church Genesis series here.] Using the same typeface and many of the same elements will provide some continuity between the series, and will simplify the logistics of designing the weekly sermon title slides for both series.

Given the length of the series, 40 weeks, we want to create the sense of moving forward, 'walking with God' week to week, therefore I use a visual timeline along the bottom of Sunday's sermon titles. Also, as Greg suggested, the series can be broken up into major categories. With each category, we can could up the basic look of the graphic and create the web icons accordingly.

Note: As we move through the year, it is also my desire to visually represent Steve's further explanation of 'walking faithfully with God':

  1. Walk with God
  2. Walk with one another
  3. Walk into the world

What follows below is the working schedule with sermon titles and links to the scriptures, and suggested divisions to the study.


Schedule/Sermon Titles/Scripture


9/20 An Introduction to Genesis

9/27 In the Beginning: God Creates

10/4 Man and Woman

10/11 God Rested

[Paradise Lost]

10/18 Paradise Lost: The Fall

10/25 Paradise Lost: The Confrontation

11/1 Paradise Lost: Curse and Judgment

11/8 Paradise Lost: Judgment and Sin

11/15 Cain and Abel

11/22 Wickedness Fills the Earth



11/29 De-creation: The Flood

12/6 Re-creation: The World Restored

12/13 Hope for the Nations

12/20 Every Heart a Babylon



12/27 Starting and Stumbling


1/3 My King is Righteousness

1/10 God's Covenant with Abraham

1/17 Short-cutting Faith

1/24 An Everlasting Covenant

1/31 I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain


2/7 This Sin Which I Have Done Before

[Isaac & Jacob]

2/14 The Birth of the Promise

2/21 The Lord Will Provide

2/28 Disordered Desires

3/6 A Stolen Blessing

3/13 A Ladder from Heaven

3/20 The Deceiver Deceived


4/3 The First Exodus

4/10 Jacob Becomes Israel


4/17 Joseph's Dreams

4/24 Sold into Slavery

5/1 Finding Favor

5/8 Preparation for Greatness

5/15 From Pit to Pinnacle

5/22 From Guilt to Grace

5/29 Restoration in Egypt

6/5 Famine and Provision

6/12 A Father's Blessing

6/19 What You Meant for Evil God Meant for Good