Genghis Kahn (Is a nasty person)

Michael Jeong A4

I think that Genghis Kahn's political reign  had a negative angle for the Mongol empire and everyone he interacted with because he was a ruthless person we killed over a million people just to expand his empire. The changes he made were positive such as encourgaging trade and creating the first international postal system however his treatment towards others was inhumane. Killing and raping women/nuns and conquering land by inforcing violence. His ruthless behavior was proven by the punishment he gave to the caliph by sewing him into a carpet and allowing the caliph to be trample by horses. The way he had to kill many people would break the criteria of people wanting to model and advocate his teachings because in modern day nobody would follow this. In order to become a great political leader you have to inspire the community of people a leader is ruling but instead he killed millions of innocent men and woman which made him an evil tyrant who rejoices in slaughter. overall the accomplishes that Genghis acheived were cancelled out by the inhumane actions that took place during his reign.

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