>>>>>>>>> What is "genius hour?"<<<<<<<<<

gen-ius hour (n): time set aside in class to allow students to explore their passions and interests

So, wait. Let me get this straight. You're going to give us time in class to work on whatever project we want?

Well, sort of. You'll have to get it approved by me first.

And we get one day a week?

Yep. Although, you'll be responsible for completing the normal classwork at home on your own time. Otherwise, genius hour = revoked (for you).

Is it for a grade?

No. only you can really be the judge of your passion and make it worthwhile. However, don't assume that if it's not for a grade that you don't have to do anything; there's always something to do for class!  

Let's set up some guidelines, first.

Rule no. 1:
Your project MUST be approved by me.

I'll even give you a handy dandy approval form below.

Rule no. 2:
You will research your project.

This could include videos, (credible) blog posts, news articles, magazine articles, etc. You will also provide evidence of your research, through notes, blog posts, and reflection questions.

***If the answer to your research/driving question can be found in one-- or even two--Google search(es), it is NOT good enough. Dig deeper. Find a NON-GOOGLEABLE question. (And yeah, I just made that a word.)

Rule no. 3:
You will present and share your project.

If you make a book trailer, you will show your trailer. If you make a book, you will read your book. If you tear apart a machine, you will share what you discovered. It may be in front of the class, in small groups, to another class, to the world...

So, are you ready to tap into
your  inner GENIUS??

Good. That's what I thought. Here's what you need to get started:

Step 1: Find a topic that interests you.

What have you always wondered about? Where have you dreamed of seeing one day? What would you like to get better at? Still don't know? Check out Chris Kesler's class list. Just scroll down a bit to see what they have explored. When you've got your idea ready to go, submit your proposal form:

Step 2: Research.

As you research, take notes and keep track of your sources on your Genius Hour Tackk. Make sure you've tagged your Tackk with #findyourgenius so we can all see your lovely work!

Your Tackk can include everything that you find, from words to pictures to videos, or even funny (and appropriate) memes! The more you include about your research process, the better!  (P.S. make sure to also include WHAT your topic is, ya know, so we all know what you're doing...)

Step 3: Create.

You've done all the research, now it's time to make your idea come to life!

Step 4: Share with the world (and us).

Present your Tackk and idea (start to finish) with the class. Reflect on your project: most difficult part? something that surprised you? what would you change? how will your idea affect the world? what's your next step?

Let's get it started! And just in case you need a little more inspiration...

A special thanks to the following resource:

Mrs. Wilson's Geniuses