Ancient Cultures

By: Jackson Grote, Cory Brooks, and Timothy Brandon

Ancient Greek


Greeks Worships many different gods. Here are some and what they stood for!

Zeus- God of the sky

Poseidon- God of the sea

Hades- God of the Underworld

Dionysus- God of wine and party's.

Hephestus- God of metalworking

Ares- God Of War.


Greeks Were know for starting the Olympics. Athens is the Capitol of Greece. They were also know for their philosophy. A lot of Ancient Greek Architecture is still influencing America Today!

This Is How Architecture Influenced America!


Ancient Greek Math was mostly based off of geometry. The three most classic Greek Geometrical problems were squaring the circle, doubling the cube, and trisecting the angle. Greeks were also the first people with the idea of infinity.

Ancient Egypt


The Egyptians had many different gods and goddesses. They were sometimes animal based. Here are some of them.

Bast- The Cat Goddess

Sobeck- God of Crocodiles

Ra - God of the sun

Horus- God of Warriors

Set- God of Evil


The leader of Egypt were Pharaohs. Egypt fell to Rome (see below) when Cleopatra killed herself by dropping a snake down your dress.


The Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics for math. Here are some of their symbols below.

A Vetical Dash equaled 1, A Upsidedown horseshoe equaled 10,  A coil of Rope equaled 100, A Lotus Flower equaled 1,000, A single finger pointed in the sky meant 10,000, A frog equaled 100,000, and A God on His Knees equaled 1,000,000.

This is how the Ancient Aztec Pyramids Rivaled The Egyptian Pyramids.

Ancient Aztecs



Metzill- The Moon

Quetzalcoatl- The God of Life, Wind, and The Morning Star

Huehueteotl- God of Fire and Time


Ancient Aztecs Used symbols for math just like Egyptians except that they also used parentheses and brackets.

Some of their symbols are:

A dot equaled 1, A diamond equaled 10, A flag meant 20, 1/4 of a tree equaled 100, 1/2 of a tree equaled 200, 3/4 of a tree equaled 300, All of a tree equaled 400, and A totem poll meant 8,000.

Ancient Romans


Ancient Romans when they invaded Greece they stole much of their religion ,but renamed them. Here are some of the roman aspect of the Greek gods seen above.

Jupiter- God of the sky.

Neptune- God of the sea.

Pluto- God of the Underworld

Bacchus- God of Wine

Vulcan- God of metalworking and fire.

Apollo- God of the arts and the sun.

Mars- God of war.


The Romans Overthrew Egypt. During their siege Cleopatra killed herself in grief to losing to the Romans. They started the Renaissance period which was a time when astronomers, mathematicians, chemists, and scientist sprang up. Romans mostly spoke Latin at this time.


Romans Used Roman Numerals to do equations just like we do today. They also added and subtracted just like we did.

How Does This Connect To Our Math Strands In Fifth Grade?

Our Marh strand is MCC5.OA1. This relates to our project because Romans, Egyptians, and Aztecs Used Parentheses, Brackets, and Braces. For example [II+II+(I-I)]= 4 or IV. Greeks are the only ones that didn't use parentheses. They (as seen above) used Geometry as their main source of Math. That is how our Math Strand Relates to our project.

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