Gentry Viers - Helping Children Deal with Trauma

A trauma specialist who served in the United States Navy, Gentry Viers has seen his fair share of trauma patients. Tasked with helping fellow soldiers recover and rejoin battle, Gentry worked hard to ensure that each of his patients was 100 percent recovered before allowing them to rejoin combat. A skilled professional on the subject, he knows that recovery is quite important for the wellbeing of the individual.

While he is no longer putting his trauma knowledge to use in the Navy, Gentry Viers is troubled by events in the outside world that he sees as affecting children: school shootings. When children see such events on television, he reckons, it is enough to make them worry about their own safety. Such worry, while natural, can be dangerous if parents don’t act soon.

In the event of school shootings or other similar events that touch on children’s welfare, Gentry Viers advises parents to acknowledge to their children that bad things do indeed happen, but also reassure them of their safety. In addition to doing this, limiting children’s exposure to reports of traumatic events can be a good thing. “You don’t want young one believing that the event will reoccur every time they see footage on the television,” he says.

Parents should also know that children are resilient and will return to their normal personalities in due time. However, they should keep a close eye on their children for any signs of anxiety or changes in their behavior, and where possible, seek professional advice.

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