A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Drew Genung
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Esurance: Say My Name
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By Drew Genung

Esurance: Say My Name

The 2015 Super Bowl commercial Esurance: Say My Name. Bryan Cranston who plays Walter White from Breaking Bad. They grab the audience’s attention by using humor from the show that we all know if you have seen the show Breaking Bad and they put it in to commercial about insurance. They do this by having Walter White play a Pharmacist who is trying to give a woman drugs, however all she wants is her prescription and after being convinced by Walter she decides to take the drugs and walk away.

This commercial is says that when you file your insurance you should know who you are filing them with and if they are reliable or not. After watching the commercial, I would have to agree with esurance. I would agree with them because you don’t want to file your insurance with someone that you cannot rely on; someone like a meth dealing high school teacher. Someone like Walter White.

The issue this commercial presented is whom you can trust with certain information about your life, like your insurance information or anything else that has personal value. The credentials are the Esurance Company and how they have been dealing with other peoples insurance for many years.

I believe that this commercial targets people who age from their mid twenties to their late fifties, early sixties. The people that are in their mid twenties to thirties are just setting about insurance on many things. Things like their own car, house and life insurance. The people who are in their late fifties to early sixties are targeted to make sure that all of your insurance claims are settled and secured for the future. Also, it is people in this age range who watch Breaking Bad and to the people who appreciate the allusion to Walter.

The person that is projected in this commercial is Walter White. Walter White is a Meth dealer, in his show Breaking Bad. And in the commercial he is shown as himself, but behind a counter in a Pharmacy. I don’t think people would like him because he is known as being a drug dealer in his show Breaking Bad and people would see him as a bad figure. And in the commercial they are saying that Walter is the other choice of Insurance and they may take you for granted. But with Esurance you can trust them. The author thinks that they are clever because they got having someone who is known to do bad things and then they have a woman get convinced to take whatever they are giving away. They use win to represent other insurance companies.

Walter gives the woman who is asking for her prescription ends up getting convinced to take a bottle of drugs, the audience can infer it as meth. She doesn’t know what she is in for. The evidence that is shown supports my thesis statement which is you don't always get what you ask for. And you don't always want to take whatever is given to you. The commercial shows us that maybe someday those decisions will mess your life up.

A specific emotion that this commercial evokes is fear. Due to the fact you will fear for your well-being. Fear is used in the commercial is when the woman first sees the person behind the counter. She was frightened because it was not the person she was used to dealing with. Walter White is known for making and doing horrible things and that is what she was frightened by. She feared for her life and for her well being. The author uses pathos, specifically because they want you to think about the other insurance companies who aren’t doing the right thing for you. And that Esurance is going to do the right thing for you and for your future.

The commercial uses logos when it argues that you can trust Esurance. When other companies will ruin and or mess up your life and everything you are known for. The evidence that supports this is when Walter White gives the woman the bottle of drugs and tells her to take it. And after disagreeing for a little while she finally gives in and takes it. And Esurance is saying that you shouldn’t be taking things by force by other insurance companies. And that they will work with you to find a certain proposal that works for the both of you.

In conclusion, if you like to buy meth made in a dirty RV, see Walter White. If you want similarly Bad Insurance company, use Esurance’s competitors. Esurance uses Pathos and Logos to convince its target audience it is a trustworthy place to buy Insurance.

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