Geoffrey Weglarz

Geoffrey Weglarz, Fluid-Productions, and The Workplace

About Geoffrey Weglarz

A digital media producer and software developer with 15 years of professional experience, Geoffrey Weglarz has mastered a wide range of state-of-the-art tools and technologies, including JavaScript, SaaS, Final Cut Pro, JWPlayer, and Dreamweaver. He currently creates corporate films, web videos, and documentaries for the total media production company Fluid Productions, LLC. Since joining the company as a director and producer in 2008, Geoffrey Weglarz has been given the opportunity to film live corporate events, generate motion graphics, and execute realistic special effects using green screens. He has also used special equipment to shoot underwater scenes in a number of tropical countries.

In June of 2013, Geoffrey Weglarz undertook a second position as a freelance photographer and videographer for The Workplace, a human resources company that is dedicated to fostering a “well-educated, well-trained, and self-sufficient” workforce. Mr. Weglarz’s ongoing responsibilities with The Workplace include photographing and videotaping program participants, as well as editing class videos.

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