Geoff Scovil, Attorney

New Mexico Attorney at Law Geoff Scovil

Attorney at Law Geoff Scovil currently manages a private practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he has been since 1998. A solo practitioner, he specializes in proceedings relating to habeas corpus, the legal procedure that prevents the government from indefinitely holding a person without showing cause. The attorney maintains a strong commitment to indigent criminal defense and the protection of constitutional rights. Geoff Scovil is currently one of the leading habeas corpus contractors for the State of New Mexico Public Defender Department. Though his focus is on Habeas Corpus law, Geoffrey Scovil has handled cases of all kinds, from misdemeanors to murders.

Geoffrey Scovil earned a bachelor of arts from the University of Texas, from which he graduated with honors within two and a half years. He later went to Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland, Ohio, where he graduated cum laude with a J.D. He volunteered for the public defender department in Cleveland before moving to New Mexico.

Haruki Murakami’s Novel of the Fantastic, 1Q84

Geoffrey Scovil practices criminal defense law in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and has extensive experience in protecting the constitutional rights of his clients. An avid reader, Albuquerque resident Geoffrey Scovil particularly enjoys the works of Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami.

As described in a 2011 New York Review of Books article, Murakami’s novel 1Q84 combines a fantastical plot with implausible scenarios that are described realistically and with conviction. In this way, the reader is drawn into investing emotionally in the story arc centered on what Murakami has described as “Wonderland.”

The plot centers on a pair of protagonists, aspiring novelist Tengo and physical trainer and assassin Aomame. They fell in love at age 10 and continued to feel passion for each other into adulthood, despite physical separation. Set in 1984 in Tokyo, 1Q84 nods to the sort of dystopian future famously imagined by George Orwell. In place of a totalitarian system, Murakami envisions a sinister cult, Sakigake, which is guided by the charismatic leader Tamotsu Fukada.

Tengo and Aomame leave the ordinary world and are drawn into Wonderland, a counter world where they must navigate a series of trials that include devils and monsters. The pair are ultimately able overcome their setbacks through the redeeming power of love. The novel was lauded by critics, who found parallels with numerous classic sources, from the opera The Magic Flute to the novel The Brothers Karamazov.

Animal Humane New Mexico Finds Nurturing Homes for Pets

Geoffrey Scovil, an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based attorney, focuses his practice on habeas corpus law and protecting constitutional rights for his clients. Outside of his Albuquerque legal practice, Geoffrey Scovil supports charities including Animal Humane New Mexico.

Animal Humane New Mexico works in partnership with shelters all around the state, rescuing pets in need and placing them in loving homes. Remarkably, the organization has succeeded in finding a family for every healthy animal it has rescued over the last six years.

In addition to providing shelter, food, and medical care to companion animals, the association offers helpful educational resources for pet parents. Through free materials online and low-cost classes at the shelter, animal lovers can learn how to keep their furry friends happy and healthy for years to come. The association places a special emphasis on humane training, using clickers and encouragement instead of choke chains and punishment to teach dogs new skills.