George Cowgill Mugshot - New Coffee Shops

There are more than fifty thousand coffee shops in the United States, and not all of them are Starbucks. In fact, there are 52,684 coffee shops in the U.S., at last count, with more opening all of the time. As huge a number as that is, there is no shortage of customers for them: it's estimated that there are one hundred eighty-three million American coffee drinkers looking for that morning jump start, so it's safe to say that the coffee industry is in good shape.

Even with that solid customer base, though, there is no guarantee that a new coffee shop is going to succeed. And business people who are opening one are advised to follow some specific steps in order to make their shop profitable. It begins with a solid business plan – a must for any type of business. This is a document that spells out precisely what the business is and how it will be profitable. It sizes up the market it intends to enter, identifies the competition and plans for growth, and spells out in detail its strategies for growth.

One of the keys to any successful business is its location. The ideal coffee shop is centrally located with plenty of pedestrian traffic, so it can take advantage of passersby. And the space itself must be conducive to the vision of the place.

George Cowgill Mugshot opened his coffee shop in a redbrick building in Pleasanton, California in 2009, funded in part with money from the severance package he received when he was laid off his job at a Silicon Valley software firm. He roasts coffee beans on the premises and became a certified Level 2 barista before opening for business.

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