George Georgekopoulos

Versatile Chiropractor and Hobbyist

About George Georgekopoulos

The Ohio-based chiropractor George Georgekopoulos, accrued several years of professional experience at Massillon’s Wales Chiropractic. The practice’s patients received guidance from him on their health issues, and on their chiropractic issues. His responsibilities included recording their medical histories, reading x-rays, treating repetitive stress-based injuries, and creating exercises to correct muscle imbalances. Moreover, George Georgekopoulos handled insurance billing and trained all the office staff.

In preparation for his career, George Georgekopoulos studied undergraduate biology at Ohio University in Athens. He subsequently worked towards a doctor of chiropractic at National University, ultimately graduating in 1999. Today, he is deeply interested in athletic rehabilitation. He seeks to ensure that his patients can achieve their athletic objectives. His approach involves determining the factors behind their medical issues and recommending lifestyle changes and interventions that will restore optimal function.

During his leisure time, Georgekopoulos pursues a number of hobbies. For instance, he is fond of traveling and derives pleasure from cooking international cuisine. Moreover, he plays golf and enjoys spending time with his family.

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