George Hasenberg

The Accomplishments of Author George Hasenberg

About George Hasenberg

A business owner and consultant, George Hasenberg has dedicated himself to writing. In 2012, Hasenberg announced the completion of a book discussing cancer, a topic close to him. He survived a very rare sarcoma, known as a gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), with a survival rate of 25%, and he and his wife, who also survived cancer, decided to put their experiences into print. When George Hasenberg was diagnosed, doctors informed him that conventional therapies had proven ineffective against this disease. In response, he altered his lifestyle and found methods that enabled him to defeat the condition.

Through the book, Hasenberg hopes to inspire and educate others who have or who know someone with cancer. Moreover, he will donate portion of the proceeds to cancer research. Along with this work, George Hasenberg contributed to the children's book Manee Monomo and The Talulu.

Additionally, Hasenberg is a philanthropist. Recently, he organized a group of people to support groups for people with disabilities and he has personally pledged $1 million to related organizations in the Delaware Valley region. Another of his endeavors involves the promotion of horticultural therapy in hospitals, schools, assisted living facilities, and other locations. This treatment involves the use of gardening and plants to enhance one's wellness plan.

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