Sofia's Journey...

By Georgia Booley 8R

She and her family walked from Vilanculos to Inhambane.  

Sofia and her family faced a very frightening journey, they lost a lot of important people along the way...

But they did the right thing and got out of the city where it was dangerous, or they got rid of people that were ruining there family. Everyone in this story is amazingly strong, brave and most of all, so kind.

Their journey went on forever, until they found a place where they fitted in. Before they had to move, they seemed like they had an ideal life, they had everyone in there family, but that one dreadful night. They lost one of the most important people, the man of the house. He died trying to save his children. They did the right thing and got out of there destroyed village. They traveled for days and days. Then they reached a village (Inhambane or a refugee camp) were Hapakatanda had some distant relatives. They stayed there for the rest of their time.

Her emotional journey: Her emotional journey was losing the people in her life but them still being with her, because of the "Secrets in the Fire".

Her physical journey: Her physical journey was walking from Vilanculous to Inhambane, and learning how to walk again after her landmine explosion.

Her spiritual journey: Her spiritual journey is when the secrets in the fire tell her something, or when she wants to talk to her past family members.


Sofia is faced with some struggles in her life, such as, when her legs were cut off, she had to learn how to walk again, and she thought she wouldn't have been able to do it, but she is walking better than ever now! Another is when her mum meets a new man, and he trips her, so she would fall. She is a brave, courageous, intelligent girl, who never gives up.  She has some really great and supportive people in her life, who are willing to go above and beyond for her. She also loses some important people along the way, her father and best-friend, someone to talk to, some to try new games with, someone to speak her mind to.


Lydia is a strong and independent women! She has lost a lot of important people, but she still goes on day by day! I'm amazed at how strong all of the characters in the book are! Lydia, is a great mother not only to Sofia, but all of her kids! When the bandits came, she did the right thing and got out of Vilanculos. She helped Sofia in a lot of ways, but also let her down. Lydia helped Sofia, by being there for her during some of the hardest stages of Sofia's life, but when she wanted her mum the most she wasn't there. Lydia has a very big role in Sofia's life, well she is her mother you would hope that she has a big part!


Maria has the second biggest role in Sofia's life, she was there when she needed a friend, when she just wanted to hang out with someone, or when she had to try out a new game! When Sofia lost her, Sofia's world turned up-side down, she had no one to help her through therapy, she couldn't tell her anything, she couldn't try out new games, or she couldn't talk to her about Isias and how he was ruining their family. But sometimes Sofia feels connected to her, Sofia knows she will always be watching down on her, along with Hapakantanda!


Dr Raul had a big part in Sofia's life, he was the one the kept her alive, he was the one that saved her! He was the one she turned to when she was having trouble at home, and he risked that for her, even though his wife would totally disagree. He cleaned her up, fed her, and made sure she was safe.


Fatima was a very kind, sweet person, with a heart of gold! She taught Sofia many things! And those things she taught her she will remember for a life time! Fatima taught Sofia how to treadle a sewing machine, and when she did something wrong she would tell her off and ask her not to make a mistake, but when she did the right thing she was praise her!


Totio is a very kind and generous man, he also taught Sofia a lot of things that she will remeber for a life time! Totio was a man who lived in the same Refugee camp as Sofia, he was very kind to help make Sofia a white dress for Maria!

Get Along- Guy Sebastian

This song, pretty much tells you what its like to live in poverty! The lyrics don't really go with the video clip, but if you watch it with the video, it makes so much sense! 

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