Georgia's Enterepreneurs
By: Ashlyn Carney


          AT&T was founded in 2000 by Bell Telephone Company. Its headquarters are in Lenox Park in DeKalb County, which is located in Atlanta, Georgia. AT&T was originally known as Cingular Telephone Company from 2000-2007. Alexander Grahm Bell founded Bell Telephone Company. The company split in 1982, which created Cingular Telephone Company and Bell Telephone Comapany.


          AT&T uses many different types of transportation to get the items that they need for their business. These may include freight forwards, browkers, agents, express couriers, parcel carriers, trucking, railroad, maritime, airfreight carriers. Some others may include warehousing, lumping, consolidation services, cooperate distribution logistics, and supply chain management.


          Opening a new business can by very risky on its own, but opening a business that others have already started can be even riskier. Some of AT&T's risks may include that there was already a phone company at the time, and it was leading the nation and it was different than what the nation was use to, it was new, and cell phones were still being evolved. Some of the risks for today may include how long you have a contact for, the limited places where you can get services/reception,  and the facts that other phone services are beginning to try to make their company seem better than AT&T, which draws more people away from AT&T and towards others like Verison, T-Mobile, ect.

Impact On Georgia

          AT&T has many impacts on Georgia. There are many stores in the community that Georgia uses. AT&T supplies many jobs to the community, which helps the people pay their taxes.  There are over 21,000 people working for at&t in Georgia. Because AT&T is a mobile service, people buy their cell phones from them, which enables them to use the cellular service out of Wifi. AT&T also has 415 alternative fuel vehicles working in Georgia since December in 2014.

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