Geological Time Project

Randell Howard Block 1 3.2.14


This crab was fossilized after a major drought in the Atlantic ocean. It was compacted in the sand and then many layers later it was no where to be found. It was found after an excavation of a small portion of land near the Chesapeake Bay area. All that was found of this crab was the outside shell and some legs and pinchers.


Earth was made from molten rock that hardened to the round shaoe it is now. The first eon that is studied is the Hadean eon This is when the creation of the earth, moon, oceans and atmosphere take place. The atmosphere was made up of CO2 and H20 vapor. The next eon was called Archaean. Earths crust, photosynthesis, the ozone, and volcanoes were created. These volcanoes released Cl, N, S, CO2, and H2O vapor which then caused the magma to flow out and form land. The next eon is the Proterozoic. Things that developed in this eon were continents and the first life. Life started out in water and then moved to lnd. The last eon is called Phanerozoic is the one we are living in. This eon is divided into eras.


The Phanerozoic eon is divided into three eras, Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic. Paleozoic is the first of these three eras. Invertebrates, marine life, bugs, amphibians, plants, Appalachian Mountains and coal swamps were all made during this era. Next is the Mesozoic. Reptiles, dinosaurs, birds and the Rocky Mountains were all created in this era. Lastly is the Cenozoic. Mammals, man the Ice Age and and great lakes were created in this era.


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