Gerald Musano

New York City Real Estate Owner and Landlord

About Gerald Musano

Gerald Musano has been working in the real estate business for over 30 years. Now the owner of Liberty Enterprises, Inc., Gerald Musano began his career in construction and worked his way into the world of real estate development and management.

Early in the 1970s, Jerry Musano was a construction worker, laying sheetrock for buildings in the New York area. Soon after he started in the trade, he began winning bids for projects in the city and worked on buildings in high-profile areas such as Wall Street.

By 1981, Jerry Musano was ready to move beyond his construction business, so he began acquiring properties and founded Liberty Enterprises. The first properties he purchased were townhouses in Pelham Bay, New York, and after selling these, he decided to focus his real estate business on Manhattan. His company now owns and manages properties in Greenwich Village and the Upper East Side. Mr. Musano has also renovated several buildings throughout the city to create safe, comfortable residences and improve local neighborhoods.

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