Gerson de Souza Nascimento

Executive with DGM-Systems

About Gerson de Souza Nascimento

For over a decade, Angolan entrepreneur Gerson de Souza Nascimento has contributed to the social and economic development of his country. His business activities have directly generated more than 1,000 current jobs and indirectly created over 2,000 current jobs. At present, Gerson de Souza Nascimento oversees operations for DGM-Systems, a firm dedicated to consulting and systems development for social security. The company maintains relationships with international technology companies and handles complex matters for public and private entities. In addition to his work with DGM-Systems, the business professional leads a variety of other Angola-based companies, including Angolaprev, Orcangola Systems, Jupiter Development Computer, Advance Consulting and Health Systems, and CRM-Africa Telecom.

Over the course of his entrepreneurial career, Mr. Nascimento has applied the services of his firms to such industries as financial management and government relations, among others. Through his work, he aims to strengthen the Angolan economy by building sustainable businesses that provide long-term job security for the country’s citizens.

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