Start Tackking on your campus in
20 seconds or less.


Step 1: Choose your purpose.

Cruise the readymade themes (under the blue create button) for topics like events, blog posts, for-sale listings or general college campus flyers — to name a few. Or start from scratch with a blank canvas.

Step 2: Edit your Tackk and add stuff.

Want to change headlines and body text sections? Click on them and just start typing. Want to add stuff? Drag and drop the gray + button wherever you want to add content on your Tackk and select the content type — from headlines and text to photos, videos, playlists, buttons, maps and more.

Step 3: Style it, customize it.

Use the editor panel on the right to change your color scheme, font and background. You can also make your Tackk private (even add a password), allow comments and set a custom URL.

Step 4: Add it to your campus Tackkboard!

Scroll to the bottom of your Tackk to add your campus tag, (Not sure what it is? Find your campus here.) and then add more categories to define your content, like events, free food or intramurals.

Step 5: Click FINISH.

It's on your campus Tackkboard and ready for you to share the heck out of it!