Getting Familiar to Online Share Market

Online share trading is a boon for people who want to avoid the day-to-day hassle associated in dealing with a share market. An Internet based trading facility “Online Share Market” allows you to buy and sell shares through an online broker. With the technology being encompassing around every sector in India, stock market to enjoys its simplified, hassle free & modern era method of trading via “Online Share Market”

Gone are the days when the Indian consumers used to follow the tedious trading process. Instead the modern era tech-smart investor believes in trading on it’s own using Online Stock Market trading method. It’s like watering a money plant with your own hands and reaping the benefits from it.

In Online Share Market trading you must have a computer and internet connection or else you can make use of internet cafe. Internet facility has made lot of things easier, quicker and simplified compared to earlier days. The ultra fast modern era medium “INTERNET” has helped to carry share market trading in a fascinating way of the modern times.


The three basic things for Online Share market are Demat account (Trading account), a computer and internet connection. Let’s understand in detail, each of the elements required to set up online share market trading account.

  • a) Demat account

A Demat Account is an account which holds all your shares in electronic or dematerialized form. Just like your bank account, a demat account holds the certificates of your financial instruments like shares, bonds, government securities, mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). To open a Demat Account you need to approach Depository Participants or DPs who could be banks, brokers or financial institutions that are empowered to offer Demat services for trading. You will need to fill an account opening form and submit along with copies of the required documents, a passport-sized photograph and a PAN card proof. You will be given a copy of the rules and regulation, terms of the agreement and the charges incurred for regular maintenance of your Demat account. Once the application is processed, the DP will provide you with an account number or client ID. You’re now ready to trade on your own.

  • b) Computer

To trade online you will require a computer with the relevant software being configured to carry out the trading operations. Nowadays you get very good computer in very affordable price.

  • c) Internet Connection

“INTERNET” acts as the catalyst in the online share market trade. Your entire trading process such asspeedy execution of your equity share orders during the peak transacting hours, your research, time management, latest updates, live market streaming entirely depends upon a good and fast broadband connection and importantly at very less price. Nowadays, for good internet speed you can compare various companies such as Reliance Broadband, Tata broadband, SIFY, etc.

Stay Tunned

There are two important things to be remembered for online share market process. A sound knowledge of the Share Market and keeping yourself posted with the latest news updates. For effective results, firstly it is extremely important that you have a thorough knowledge of Stock market and Stocks and secondly you’re fully aware of your online trading software or terminal. Online stock brokers have their own software or trading platform. It is necessary that you get acquainted with their brokerage account software. Once you open an online account, you will get access to it with an array of diverse electronic features that will help you buy, sell and track your trades. It is important to keep yourself updated with the latest news about Stock market and companies etc.

Resources for updates

To gain profits keep a tab on the right stocks which will appreciate in the market in the near future. You can read daily newspapers, financial and business journals, Stock magazines as well as surf internet to get the latest information on the stocks from the relevant financial sites. Check out for the latest deals, Joint Ventures, Take Over and announcements made by companies that you wish to invest into. To make a profitable and long term investment, it is very important that you stick to a certain strategy. Draw a strategy, depending on the fund you have for investing in the stocks and your objective for investing in the stock market. Ensure you are getting the best of information, research support and tools, which is provided to you in an easy and reader friendly manner.

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