wanna get campus orgs and groups engaged with the Cleveland Orchestra
and need help to get started?

Follow these steps:

Profile Creation

For the Cleveland Orchestra Student Ambassadors, we will be using Tackk as an information sharing platform.

To get started creating a profile for your school’s program, here are a few steps:

  1. Build a profile for your school- (i.e. Baldwin Wallace Cleveland Orchestra Student Ambassadors)
  2. Add avatar, bio, social links, etc. (these can be to your personal social media accounts)
  3. Choose tag to represent org i.e., #TCOBW
  4. Create at least 5 Tackks (see below for types)
  5. Add org and school tag to each Tackk (#THECLEVELANDORCHESTRA + #BaldwinWallace) and any other applicable tags
  6. AFTER creation is complete: share on social media platforms, with friends, and student orgs)

Not sure what types of Tackks to create for
the Cleveland Orchestra Promotion?

Start with these!

  • Promote membership: get potential new members excited about joining the ambassador group
  • Basic info about the Cleveland Orchestra and its history
  • Give insights into an Orchestra performance and what students can expect
  • Showcase Baldwin Wallace Ambassadors (if you would like of course)
  • Capture memories, collect pics from members
  • Engage members through running a contest (Ask TCO Marketing depatment for SWAG)
  • Event information/signup, use the contact form for RSVPS or questions
  • Highlight important announcements/ concert schedules
  • Recap meetings/events
  • Happy hour specials, sales, promotions and social events
  • What else? Be creative and think about how you can promote TCO.

Outreach Process

  • SETUP: Set up a canned template in gmail/other email
  • EMAIL: Email the marketing/comms contact at your school or president orgs prior to a concert
    • Copy and paste the template below, and edit as needed
    • If you’re following up, use the second email and edit as needed
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Tweet person/org Twitter account. Post on FB page if they have one. Reach out via social media any way you can.
  • THEY RESPONDED: Feel free to meet them for coffee to answer questions, create a dialogue and let them know you’re there to help.
  • NO RESPONSE: Follow up via email AND social after 7 days (see template below).

**Want the Cleveland Orchestra’s SMAC input on an email before you send it? Or need help responding to specific questions or responses? Email

Guidelines for sending outreach emails (think about these before clicking send):

  • What’s the goal of this email? What do you want this person to do ideally after reading your email? Choose one CTA below (or make your own) and edit as needed.
  • Get a specific name to address the email to. Info emails should be a last resort.
  • Add credibility to the email by stating 1- you’re part of the org, 2- you know someone in the org, 3- someone in the org already interested in the Orchestra, etc.
  • Edit BOLD text, and add anything you may need to customize your email.
  • Include links, but not too many (hyperlink words so URLs don’t look long in the text of the email)
    • To hyperlink: 1- highlight text you want linked, 2- click ‘insert link’ icon in toolbar, 3- paste URL

Email Template #1:
Introduction to the Cleveland Orchestra (campus org/related group)

Hi [Comms/Marketing person or President of Organization/Executive Board],

My name is Franz Welser-Most, and I wanted to let you know about the Cleveland Orchestra’s upcoming events. The Cleveland Orchestra is one of the most acclaimed performing ensembles in the world. In concerts at home, in residencies from Miami to Vienna, and on tour around the world, The Cleveland Orchestra sets standards of artistic excellence, concert programming, and community engagement- and it’s just a few minutes away from campus.

Call to action #1: get them to sign up for the Student Advantage Program/ follow TCO on social media

[the org] would enjoy a Cleveland Orchestra performance for so many reasons. [INSERT WHAT YOU BELIEVE WOULD DRAW THIS ORG/ GROUP OF STUDENTS TO THE ORCHESTRA]

Call to action #2: meet with them (if they show a lot of interest with the events- i.e. “This sounds awesome, how do I find out more?”)

I’ve gotten a lot of questions from your members about upcoming TCO events. I’d like to sit down with you to chat more about car pooling/ a group outing our orgs could look into and answer any questions you may have. Can I buy you a coffee next Wednesday at Starbucks in the afternoon?

Looking forward to chatting soon!


Email Template #2: Follow up email (campus org/related group)

*reply back to the original email you sent them to refresh their memory, and so you don’t have to repeat the same info.

Hi [Comms/Marketing person or President of Organization/Executive Board],

I’m following up from my last email that I sent about the Cleveland Orchestral. I’d love to chat more when you have some time. Let me know if this Friday at noon works to connect.