So here we go.. I'm going to get my diploma project started. o.O Yes I'm doing this in english because I'm pretty cool and my script is in english, so I've to learn english. For this final year english is everywhere I go. So take it easy if I make some mistakes.

The subtitle is kind of..uhm…confusing? I know. Here is what I'm going to do basically:

I'm going to check these music-genres against each other and figure out their differences. Then I'll reflect and try to visualize them. In the end my aim is to have a website with self-made videos (and photos and collages and maybe animations etc), a booklet of the theoretical part and concepts and a book with the photos (which can be printed unlike the vids) and making-of-photos.I hope to get sort of a making-of the project thru this tackk.

To be continued… stay tuned!

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