My PAAC Digital Portfolio 2014-15

Pura Benavides                                                                Period 2

E-Mails and Blogs

E-mails and Blogs are the easy start to technology.First we learn how to make a Blog/Website,then send an e-mail to your teacher about what you learned.

Example's of what I learned :

-About me

-Spring Wood's Middle School

-My Favorite Movie

-What's Your Favorite Game?

-Is Making A Movie Trailer Harder Then You Thought?

Digital Photography

Photo's,another easy task.Everyone knows how to take photo's,but not how to upload them on the computer.Which is what you learn to do for the 2nd unit.

Example's Of What I Learned :

-Fake ID Card

-Three Cup's

-Photo of Yourself

-Photo's of the school

-Photo's of color's,numbers,etc

Keynote Presentation's

This task is something many people don't know how to do,yet.It's basically learning how to make a presentation for other's or just yourself to see.You need a Title,few pictures and fact's.

Example's Of What I Learned :

-Penny Bounce

-New Species

-Favorite Game

-Three Cup's

-About School

Video Production

Video Production is when you record moving object's and import it into a laptop/desktop then edit it to what you want.

Example's Of What I Learned :

-Movie Trailer

-My Dog Nima

-Animation Project

-Starting Project

Sound Engineering

Sound Engineering is bait the same as the Video Production,only you are editing sound,this is honestly one of the most challenging unit's to learn.You edit the sound speed,volume and fade.

Example's of What I Learned :


-Music Remix


-Recording Voice



Photoshop,something everyone know about,it's not what it sound's like.It's not an actual photo shop.You edit photo's as much as you want.It's a fun,but complicated thing to use.

Example's Of What I Learned :

-New Species

-Red Barn



-Fashion Logo

Desktop Publishing/Pages

This is like working on paper,only you are using a laptop/desktop computer.It's easy and fun to work and play around with.

Example's Of What I Learned :

-Fake ID Card



-Business Card's



Animation,something everyone want's to do.In this class you don't animate much,only two project's of animation.You do learn about the element's of animation,then have a quiz or so on it.

Examples Of What I Learned :

-Penny Bounce

-50 photo animation

Fashion Design

This isn't one of the easy unit's,it's a big memory taker.You need to remember lot's of thing's,including fabric and element's.Also styles and type's of clothes.

Example's Of What I Learned :

-Mini Book Project


-Clothes Store

Game Design

This is the best unit of technology,it's fun and it's game's you play and make! You start off by learning the element's of the game.Then,slowly gain knowledge about how to make a game.After that, you finish the unit,by making a game.

Example's Of What I Learned :

-Making A Game

-Favorite Game

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