!!!!!!!The Civil War Diary of John Hotchkiss!!!

My life as a soldier!!!!!!!

Journal #1: I am John Hotchkiss and I am a soldier in the union side. I am only 17 years old and I am not married. I live with my parents. Our family is not the richest people in the world. We live in a very poor house and we have to worry about food every time.  We live in New York. I volunteered myself for the war because I am against slavery and I want it to end as soon as possible. My family and I have been against slavery forever. Since I was born I have been told that slavery is horrible and one day someone will end this all and my mom use to say that I John Hotchkiss will help end slavery. I believe that every man is created equal and we should treat others the way you would want to be treated. My rank in the war is a private. Private are the lowest rank,  I am treated not the best. The general obviously gets better food, and more respect  than me, but I still get fed.

I am Fighting For my country!!!!!!!
This picture would be very colorful, with the green trees, grass and sky!!!!!!

Journal #2: The characters: John Hotchkis, Sargent Jackson

Sergeant Jackson- I am fit as a fiddle, how about you?

Private Hotchkiss-  I am Honkey Dorey!!! We better skedaddle they're coming for us

Sergeant Jackson- ok we better skaddelae

Private Hotchkiss- HORNETS are whipping across my face

Sergeant Jackson-Bully just keep ruinning.

Private Hotchkiss- Grab the pepperbox.

Sergeant Jackson- We are being whipped out here.

Private Hotchkiss - We have to keep fighting!!!!

Sergent Jackson:Bully we beat those five guys

Journal #3

Dear Mother,

I have missed you a lot. It has been really hard here. I have been fighting very hard adn careful. We had our first battle named Bull Run. It was a very difficult and dangerous first battle. I stay in tents and it is very uncomfortable on the ground. The weather is not that bad anymore because it is after winter. We would practice marching,bayonet practice, and then drill. We would drill all day. The men to set at work would clean there tents,bulding pathways of pine logs, tending horses, etc. If we did somethng wrong our punishment was we had to take a log and parade around the camp for the rest of the day. I was once punished for not obeying the general. I will for sure write you more. Please write back.

Love ,


!!!The picture is in the morning. Bright and green in the background!!!!!!!!!!!!

Journal entry #4:

Interview Number 1: Jermiah when you chose to leave your mother behind and go to the army. What made you decide to do that? I was very sad for leaving my mother behind. I was begging her for her to let me stay and take care of her but she insisted that I go fight and that she is leaving and doesn't have much time left. I was very depressed but my mother's wish is that I fight for my country and fight for the right thing and go against the wrong.

Interview Number 2: Jeremiah long back what are you proud of or happy of in your life? Long back I am happy that I enlisted the army because if I never did I would never find out how all these people love there country so much that they would risk there lives and they believe in the right thing.

Interview Number 3: Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?  One thing I would like to change in my life was to join the union when I frst started instead of the confederate side.

Interview Number 4: Jermiah what would be one law you would like to make?  On law that I would like to make is that slavery is abolshed and it is a free country.

Playing chess in free time!!!!!


hands up and respect. SALUTE SALUTE!!!!!one leg in the front and one in the back. Now High knees. MARCH MARCH!!!Crunchy and dirty.STEP STEP!!!!!

Cha Ching Cha Ching!!! Rifle on shoulders and SALUTE SALUTE!!!!!! Through the dark and morning MARCH MARCH!!!! SPLASH SPLOSH AND POND IN THE MUD. STEP STEP!!!!!

Shoot shoot and walk. SALUTE SALUTE!!!! Brave to fight for my couuuuunnnttryyyyy.  MARCH MARCH!!!!! A STEP CLOSER TO FREEEEEEDOMMMMM. STEP STEP!!!!!


Journal #6: The camps we stayed in were not that bad, mostly when it snowed. When it snowed we were had comfortable housing. when it snowed it made drills impossible. When we had nothing to do we would try to invent something to do. Some soldiers played chess, some read books, some read the daily newspaper and a writing materials. We would also make the best loaf of bread and we were learning to tell the best stories. In my free time I especially liked telling stories and play chess. I was the best story teller in the camp. We also loved making music, everyone liked playing music and making it. We would gather around campfires and sing, some songs gave the soldiers including me, we would express our feelings of our homesick and feelings of fear. The food was disgusting and mostly raw. We would put beef and pork in salty solutions, so it does not go bad. There was not many options of food, but my favorite food was salt horse. they would put the beef in the salty solution and fry it in globs of grease. This food caused many stomach aches. We rarely got fresh vegetables, and got corn bread sometimes too. We would sometimes eat hardtack which were flour and water crackers or sometimes we put worms on a cracker.  Yeah I guess the life of a solderers is not the best but we are going this and living in these conditions for the right reasons.  

One of the battles!!!!!!!!

Journal #7: The camp here has been okay. We did not eat that much but we got food. There was lots of illnesses and infections in the camp. There were infections ans illnesses because of the bugs in the camp. My buddy got a really bad infection. He needed surgery and the nurses could not help him and he died. When they gave him surgery, too much blood came out. They tried to give him medicine but they were too late. I was once got a really bad fever and I had to go to the nurses. They got me in time and gave me medicine. Many people are still hurt or sick but nobody gave up everyone fight  for there country. We were all trying our best to live and take care of ourselves. We would eat lots of raw meat and some crackers. Some soldiers got sick because of the raw meat but we were medicated as soon as it got really bad. Some died from the sickness because some of the nurses were too late to medicate them. The nurses were very hardworking and helpful and tried there very best to save everyone.

When I got home there was a huge celebration!!!!!!

Journal #8: The war is finally over. It has been a long time, since I have seen my family, I have missed them. It has been four years and I bet they have changed since I have seen them last. I took  a horse home, with a pal of mine that survived. Most of my buddies have survived, but my best mate John Carol has survived and offered to take a horse home. It took two days to reach New York . When we entered in our city of New York, everybody was cheering, some were crying, that they did not see there child, but everybody was mostly celebrating. There was food and music going on all day and night. People left around midnight. When I got home our house was decorated with welcome home signs and my whole family was there. My mother was crying a lot and father was very proud of me. I am happy that I am home now and with my family. I have reached my goal. My goal from the begginging was that I would fight for freedom and win and fight for my country. My goal was successfull, it was a free country now and I am very proud of myself.

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