8MEH.2.2 The Decision -Making Model

Senario 4 State the Situation

You are eight grade student. Since the seventh grade you have been on the Junior Varsity Cheerleading squad. You recently tried out for Varsity team next year. You were notified that you made the team. The cheerleading sponsor informs you that you can no longer be in band if you are cheering on Varsity football nights, since fifth grade and have really enjoyed being in the band and going on band trips. Next year the band is going to Disney  World. What do you do?

List the Options

She can wait until next year and try for cheerleading again or she can either stay with band and go to disney world.

She can try to balance her schedule with the time going between band a cheerleading everyday.

Possible outcome

Her possible outcome is she will stick with band and try to balance her schedule.


The important part is that she still has a activity to do after school and she can try out again next year.

Act It

The decision is to to stay in band or cheerleading and balance out her schedule.


In the end the decision was made and her problem was solved.

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