Galactic Ottesen Brahe!!The Extreme

By Ofo Iloa Naupoto   

Tyge Ottesen Brahe (latinized to say like Tycho Brahe) was a space astronomer.He was born on December 14th, 1546.His parents were Otte Brahe and Beate Bille. He was Danish and his religion is Lutheran.He was educated at Rock Stade and he went university at University of Copenhagen and went to 3 other different universities in Denmark , Germany and Switzerland .His education was private .He became a famous astronomer and studied the stars and the planets.

Tycho Brahe was credited with the most accurate astronomical observations of his time in the world. Tyge/Tycho discovered SN 1572 .Tycho Brahe , proving that the heavens are not immutable . Tycho used instruments to inspect and discover astronomic observations to make even larger inspections   

These discoveries and information helped spectate Johannes Kepler's laws (laws of area(space),laws of periods(section) and laws of orbit (circle)).If he hadn't of made these significant discoveries we wouldn't know as much as we do today and we wouldn't know that much about space in our time right now.      

Tycho Brahe has a metal nose after a spectacular fight in Ireland. Tycho didn't believe that the Earth and other planets orbit the Sun.In 1572 he observed the stars and noticed that a supernova(exploding star ) was heading to Earth.He also had a assistant which is Johannes Kepler he was the best assistant .That is all about Tycho thanks for listening.