Famous People Who Had Drugs Addiction

In California, many celebrities have personal problems and decide to consume some drugs. In many cases, it didn't finish very well for them. This phenomenon exists since a very long time and is still part of the actuality.

One of the famous people who had drugs addiction was Marilyn Monroe. She started to take some illegal substances after her divorce and when her actress career and her popularity were decreasing. At this moment of her life, she felt extremely depressed because she had three unsuccessful marriages and she wasn’t able to have children. When she was 36 years old, she was found dead at her residence that was located in Los Angeles. She took too much Nembutal and chloral hydrate.

Another celebrity who died of a drug overdose, more recently, is Michael Jackson. This man had many personal problems as his difficult childhood and an accusation about his behavior with children. When he was alive, he also complained a lot about the fact that he always felt alone. It was known that he consumed drugs regularly. One day, his doctor prescribed him propofol and Michael Jackson decided to exceed his prescribe dose before going to bed.

Whitney Houston is also an artist who passed away due to some illegal substances that she took. This international singer was found unconscious in a hotel at Beverly Hills. The police officer said that there were cocaine and marijuana that were found in her blood. Her husband initiated her to different kinds of drugs and their relationship got worst.

To conclude, we can observe that many people, even though they have success and money, consume drugs to escape their problems. This aspect of their lives only harms them and brings them in a worst situation.

Vincent Roy

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