Top 10 internet Safety Rules

1. Don’t give away you password keep it private change it if you think someone else knows it
3. be careful of what you post because nothing online is completely private if you send anything personal everyone will know it.
4. NEVER agree to meet someone online in person because a lot of bad adults pose as kids. ALWAYS get permission and have a parent go with you to meet them it’s safer that it doesn’t put you in danger.
5. DON’T EVER share photos of yourself with anyone you don’t know. Also don’t share any of your friend’s pictures once there out on the web you can’t take them off.
6.I will tell my parents if I come across something that makes me feel uncomfortable.
7.Always talk with your parent about posting pictures of you of other people. Also don’t post pictures your parents think is inappropriate.
8.Don’t respond to any messages that are mean or rude or that make me feel uncomfortable if you get a message like that tell your parents.
9.NEVER fill out forms online because it could as for your name, age, address, phone number, school, town, and password.
10.Never tell anyone online what you’re doing or where you will be.

Internet rules are important because they keep people safe and away from danger also because if you put your age or name online people will stalk you or even try to attack you. Its important to be safe online because you can protect others and yourself. like rule 1, if you give someone your password they can get on your account and hack you or say bad things online on your account. That's why internet safety is important to me.

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