Mobile Technologies in the Classroom

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What is it? Mobl21 is a platform for students and teachers to access learning materials in and out of the classroom. Mobl21 can be accessed from a computer as well as on iPhones, iPods, iPads, Blackberry devices, and Android devices.

How can I use it? As a teacher I can create quizzes for students to do online on their mobile phone or on a computer. I could also create study guides and flashcards for students where they can access the information outside of the classroom and therefore have continued access to materials. In elementary, I would use this for the upper grades (3-6).


What is it? Their philosophy is that you can "Teach what you know and learn what you don't". Educreations offers a way for students and teachers to showcase what they know by creating video clips on an interactive whiteboard. You can record your voice and handwriting as you explain concepts that you know. Students can also access other videos to learn what they don't know. As long as you have flash you can create a lesson online (computer) or can access it on the iPad.

How can I use it? A teacher can ask students to create a clip explaining a concept that they are learning. This offers a great way to incorporate a formative assessment, and allows the teacher and students to enhance their knowledge and refine any parts of the lesson they do not know. After they review their formative clip, students can be better prepared for a summative assessment.


What is it? Toontastic is an iPad app that would be great for younger elementary students. The app allows students to create a story through a cartoon. Students can draw, animate and record their cartoon. This app offers a great way for students to be creative and be able to enhance their stories and share them with others.

How can I use it? Teachers can use this app as a way to have students record their stories in an interactive and creative way. It can be used as a summative or formative assessment in English Language Arts. It is also possible to use this cross curricular as students can share the information they need to.


What is it? Woices is a free a way of recording geolocalized information. So this means that on your computer you can create a specific map route and record audio information about each location. This can also be done your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android as you are on the move. It offers specific information to others created by the owner.

How can I use it? Students can either go on an adventure and record information they found at certain locations or they can create a virtual map of information that they researched on a location. This tool can be used on a field trip where students record bits of important information they learned at the museum or at Jurassic Park.

Three Ring

What is it? Three Ring is a place to digitally document student and teacher work. It allows teachers to create a class list and begin by capturing students' work and upload it onto this site for continued access, it is like an ePortfolio. Where you can showcase your abilities. There is a mobile app for the Andriod, iPad or iPhone so you can instantly record and document anything you like. On the computer you can upload files that you have recorded.

How can I use it? There are many things you can do with Three Ring. Teachers can record performances of students to grade later on so that way the teacher is involved and paying attention rather than trying to quickly jot down notes. You can also being to create an ePortfolio for students so they can see their growth over the year.


What is it? Fotobabble allows users to create photo and audio clips. Users must be over 13 to use this app therefore it is important to ensure security for students. Students can record audio images and provide information publicly. Students can describe this activity as creating a talking photo. This can be used on many mobile devices as well as online.

How can I use it? This app would be great for junior high or high school students. They can create a quick voice clip with images in the background. This can be used when students have a formative assessment and are required to give short clips of information for any subject.

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