Leif Ericson

By: Junnan Li 4-407

Famous discovery

Leif Ericson's famous discovery is Vinland which it now call Canada , Canada is not a country of New York and he was looking for the northwest passage but he didn't  find it.This is his famous discovery.

he sail for northwest passage

Leif Ericson sail for North American eastern coast and he call it Vinland which is now Canada. There was more Viking traveled to Vinland probably because they were battling with Native American people.Leif Ericson was the first one to step a foot in North America.

Leif Ericson's route

Leif Ericson's route is Iceland to Greenland  then he sail to sorth along the east coast of Canada and that what route he took to Vinland and this is what Leif Ericson's route.

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