Don Pedro
Humbled - Principled - Kind


             Don Pedro cares about his friends a lot. Pleasing the people around him is his motivation in life. He enjoys helping others and setting them up or match making. Like when he sets up Beatrice and Benedick because he wanted them to be happy. In the movie you can tell how nice he is to others and how he respects them. When he asks Beatrice "Will you have me, lady?" and then she rejects him when she leaves he says "By my troth, a pleasant-spirtited lady." it really shows that he respects his friends and how self-less he is. Don Pedro was just rejected but he still says how wonderful of a woman she is. He doesn't think about himself as much as he thinks about others and what to do for them. All of his actions are based on the people around him and not himself.


                Don Pedro is in his late 30s or 40s. He is the leader of all the soldiers and they all just came back from the war. Because he has "Don" in front of his name that means he is of higher power. Don Pedro is very respected among everyone. His bastard brother is named Don John but because he is a bastard he is not very respected and looked down upon. Don Pedro likes to match people up together and he is good at it too. Like when he matched up Beatrice and Benedick. People around him come to him for advice on love and other things too. When Claudio wanted to marry Hero he went to Don Pedro for advice on what to do. He told Claudio "Amen, if you love her, for the lady is very well worthy.". Then Claudio took his advice and asked Hero to marry him. It shows that his friends really trust him. Don Pedro doesn't really change throughout the play but it just shows more and more how good of a guy he is.


        Don Pedro effects the plot of the story when he gets Benedick and Beatrice together. If they did not tell each other that they were in love then she would have never asked him to kill claudio. He also helps the plot when he tells Claudio that it is a good idea to marry Hero and helps him along the way. Don Pedro doesn't fall in love with anyone. He does ask Beatrice to marry him but he does't really mean it. Even though he has no love in the movie he helps everyone else with their loves and gives advice. All of his friends com

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